Arbender J Robinson

Arbender Robinson


Arbender Robinson is no stranger to the stage. On Broadway he has managed to master the NYC audition process and has had successful runs in the Tony Award winning shows Hairspray, Hair, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the critically acclaimed revival of Ragtime, the 2011 mega hit Book Of Mormon, the magical hit musical Disney’s The Lion King, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and the 2014 revival of Les Miserables. Along the way the major camps, workshops, and training programs in NYC have had Arbender as a major influence on their staff. His teaching style really works with both young and more seasoned actors.

Arbender has also worked extensively in the US Regional Theatre market, internationally and even toured extensively with his one-man show Truth At Last. He is also an accomplished vocalist having worked with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and the Walt Disney organization as well. The list of accomplishments could go on and on but it may be easier to speak with him in person or sit in on one of his workshops.

Arbender currently sits on the admissions and recruiting team for major universities and training programs as well. Why not get an inside view of what these programs are seeing in your auditions.

Casting Solutions

Ever wonder why one person gets cast over you? Are you giving what feels like a great audition, but you are not getting the response, feedback or bookings you need or deserve? What is happening in your process that is not allowing you to shine the way you need to shine? In this workshop we can find these signs and correct them.

Master The Audition

So you have decided to go deeper into your theatre training or maybe you are applying to college training programs and need to know how your audition will be viewed? My workshops can take you from start to finish as we look at material selection, personal presentations, execution and acting technique. We will look at strengths and weaknesses and access common mistakes or flags that we look for when making college or training program decisions. How will your audition hold up to others?

It’s All About Fun

So you think this is the career for you and you have a lot of questions? This workshop is essentially a design-as-you-go workshop. Through a Q&A session with Arbender, he can decide on activities, discussions and exercises that may be suitable for you or your class. Along with this we get to hear the inside scoop on the happenings in castings, rehearsal or the Broadway stage. Many of the stories are humorous and provide a relief. Some may make you cry and others will give you the “nitty gritty” of the business. No “smoke and mirrors” here, but instead you will finally get answers to all the things you can think of or ever wanted to know.

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